Delica EMS-9U1

Competitively Priced TCD Doppler Instrument for Routine Neuro-Vascular Testing

The Delica EMS-9U1 features a compact TCD system based on current PC technology for routine applications.


  • Efficient testing for vascular lab and bedside use

  • Doppler module combined with PC or notebook
Plug&play via USB port

  • Expandable with Multi-Gating and bilateral monitoring
  • Competitive starter package


  • Compact, portable, and innovative
  • Intuitive operation
  • Operates under MS Windows®
  • Extracranial, transcranial, and peripheral vascular
  • High resolution spectral analysis

Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness

The Delica EMS-9U1 Doppler combines current technology with uncompromising cost effectiveness. With a footprint smaller than an A4 sheet and a weight of only 850 grams, the EMS-9U1 Doppler module connects via a fast USB port to a standard desktop PC or notebook, linking latest Doppler design to an inexpensive, off the-shelf PC technology. Thanks to Delica, you are able to configure your PC or notebook according to your requirements and budget – the hassle with outdated PC components built into your Doppler instrument will be history. The fast data transfer of the Delica module via USB port will turn the PC configuration of your choice into the most complete neuro-vascular testing system. The versatile TCD diagnostic software package under MS Windows® incorporates anything you demand: Most intuitive operation, high resolution spectra, configurable protocols and impressive reports. Test data including Doppler spectra and sound can be digitally archived, reports e-mailed or printed in pdf format.

The Hybride Digital Doppler

The Delica EMS-9U1 Doppler instrument unites the best of two worlds: Most reliable probe and amplifier technology providing excellent signals, and crystal clear Doppler spectra in association with modern digital Doppler architecture. Featuring a noiseless, vent-free enclosure, this device offers unsurpassed compactness and portability. Due to its current PC based technology the instrument design ensures cost reduction and effectiveness as required by our health care system today.


Handsome Remote Control

This remote control will please you at first sight: Optimum touch and feel, keys for all relevant Doppler related functions plus programmable function keys, light-weight and skidproof as well as waterproof, equipped with a long cable. As part of the base Delica EMS-9U1 package, the remote control can be combined with an optional foot switch.

Future Proof Configurations

The unilateral Delica EMS-9U1 base instrument can be expanded in variety of configurations offering multi-gating and multi-channel capabilities. With several spectra displayed simultaneously, make the View along the Beam your diagnostic preference reducing time and effort in vessel location and signal recording. Bilateral insonations, monitoring routines, high intensity embolic signal detection, and M-mode – a variety of choices for your specific application with cost effectiveness in mind.
Incorporating extracranial, transcranial, and peripheral vascular test routines, the Delica series offers a wide array of diagnostic capabilities in combination with to date PC technology, ensuring a safe and profitable investment for years to come.

Get to know us and Delica!

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