Digital neurovascular Doppler

Portable All-in-One TCD for Clinical and Scientific Applications

Delica EMS-9D

Versatile Configurations

  • Diagnostic and monitoring
  • rTCD robotic probes
  • Mikrovascular probes
  • ICM+® brain monitoring
  • Continuous non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP)
  • Analog input and/or output autoregulation testing

Delica EMS-9D

Compact Advanced Technology

  • Portable and flexible
  • Comfortable touchscreen operation
  • Remote control for all essential Doppler functions
  • Excellent Doppler signal
  • Multiple connectors for probes and devices

Innovative Functionality

  • Analogue input/output
  • Statistical analysis
  • Store and replay of signals from all depths
  • Video recording and storage in different formats
  • High-resolution data export
  • Complete data management
  • DICOM interface
  • Remote monitor access
Delica Ultrasound Probes
  • Robotic probes with vessel search and tracking
  • Handheld probes (1.6 / 4 / 8 MHz)
  • Microvascular probe (16 MHz)
ICM+ Logo

Future-proof Monitoring Functionaliy

  • ICM+® multi modal monitoring software
  • Reliable monitoring of autoregulation
  • CO2 module
  • Direct connection of Finapres® Nano Core supported (cNIBP)
  • Non-invasive ICP
  • Prx, optimal CCP, RAP, Closing Diastolic Margins, and more
  • In over 300 scientific articles
  • Over 140 installations, worldwide
  • Developed at the University of Cambridge
ICM+ Screen

Customized Solutions

Demanding clinical or scientific applications often require a customization of the solution, either to the task, or the environment in which the TCD monitoring will be employed. We offer components and services which complement the Delica Doppler system, for example an optimized mobile cart, interfaces to physiological signals, data archiving procedures, or network access solutions to monitoring sessions.

TCD Expertise

Expect fast and competent service from a team that has over 30 years of special Doppler and TCD expertise. Our long-term customer relations are built on trust and fairness. The Delica Doppler systems complements this philosophy of effectiveness and reliability.

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