Our BIA Seminars: A Wealth of BIA Know-How

Professional Application of BIA-Impedance Testing

We offer frequently held BIA seminars in our seminar training center here in Wuerzburg, life BIA webseminars, or onsite seminars.

Our seminars are intended for participants with a background in medicine or science, weight management counselling, personal training, fitness, wellness.

Participants should be familiar with the basic operation of the used BIA instrument and software as well as MS Windows®. Participation does not require special knowledge in human physiology or anatomy.
Participation in our Webseminars will require a PC or notebook with a fast (DSL) internet connection. For participants in D, A, CH a free dial-in phone number is available. International participants outside D-A-CH need a microphone/speaker with their PC/notebook. Presentations of seminar contents will be life with a speaker present for questions and discussion of cases at all times.


Rolf M. Schlegelmilch, Dipl. Math, Managing Director SMT medical

Seminar Contents

  • Basics in physics and methods of bio-impedance testing
  • Body composition – body compartments
  • Hydration – fluid state
  • Bio-active cell mass – Fat Free Mass
  • Extra and intra-cellular water
  • Fat Mass
  • Advanced analysis with BiaVector – BiaGram
  • Case studies
  • Discussion – BIA test

Seminar Fee

The BIA seminar fee is € 190 plus VAT where applicable per person or per websession. Seminar fees can also be covered by seminar vouchers obtained with purchase of BIA instrument. Participants will receive a detailed seminar hand-out and a certificate of attendance documenting successful participation.

Please call our hotline at +49 931 329 33-22 for the current seminar schedule or email to info@smt-medical.com. We look forward to serving you!