Special Skin Electrodes for Bioimpedance Testing

Precise and reproducible results in bio-impedance testing can only be achieved by using specially suited BIA electrodes.
Each two adhesive electrodes are placed on hand and foot of one body side. Before electrode placement the skin should be cleaned by applying a commercially available disinfecting spray, removing fatty substances and skin residue.

While a non-susceptible constant current is entered into the body through the “injecting” electrodes, the second pair senses the drop in voltage and determines impedance and total resistance.

The exact placement of the electrodes is illustrated and practiced as part of our BIA seminars. Only the anatomically correct position of electrodes will lead to correct and reproducible bio-impedance results!

We recommend single-use electrodes, especially made to suit the physical specifications of your BIA device. The quality and technical characteristics of the contact electrode are of critical importance for correct reading of the bio impedance values and to ensure the instrument's key performance characteristics. The use of inappropriate or uncertified electrodes for bio impedance measurement can lead to unacceptable risks, incorrect and poorly reproducible measurements. All our electrodes are ISO certified, non-cytotoxic to the skin, non-irritating and hypoallergenic.