The Evolution


For decades, BIA 101 served as the legendary pioneer in Bioelectrical Impedance testing. More than 1,500 scientific publications in every imaginable application and field, helped shaping its outstanding reputation in nutrition, clinical medicine and science.

Now the novel BIA 101 BIVA emerged as the evolution, based on vast technological and methodological experience in evaluating nutrition, muscle, and hydration states.

Innovative Smart Tech

BIA 101 BIVA features an energy saving 5.7 inch color display. The built-in lithium-ion battery ensures an uninterrupted operation of up to 16 hours, with a full charge resulting in up to 500 patient tests. The integrated Bluetooth makes data transfer fast, easy, and convenient.


SmartCheck: An integrated self-check module enables the functional calibration of the sensor and reading of battery charge and status. The user-friendly auto-off switch avoids unnecessary energy depletion.

Convenient Portability

Its super compact and ergonomic form factor, combined with a weight of only 600 grams, make BIA 101 BIVA an ideal companion in mobile, bedside, and lab applications.

Unprecetented Versatility

Imposing an extremely low testing current, the newly designed electronics extend BIA analysis to patients wearing pace makers and during pregnancy. High signal resolution and exceptional accuracy guarantee reproducible and reliable results, well suited for clinical studies and research applications.


Offering save and reliable connections, the integrated Bluetooth module transfers data ultrafast and convenient to the Bodygram PLUS software for instantaneous evaluation and interpretation.

BIA 101 BIVA – the new BIA reference class

  • Comprehensive body composition analysis
  • Determination of tissue and water compartments
  • Evaluation of nutrition and hydration state by Biavector® und Biagram® analysis
  • One-glance evaluation by Nutrigram® und Hydragram®
  • Complete instrument set with Bodygram PLUS software and all accessories
  • Specific modules for weight management, sarcopenia, and anthropometry
  • Medically certified
BIA 101 BIVA Display

The phase sensitive BIA 101 BIVA measures Resistance (Rz) and Reactance (Xc) of human tissue by a low-voltage, non-susceptible current, yielding reliable test data and results within seconds.

Phase angle and body compartments are derived by the Bodygram PLUS software through medically validated algorithms. Concise but impressive reports and narrative interpretations are available to the professional user, patients and clients.

An integral part of the Bodygram PLUS software, Biavector® und Biagram® are indispensible clinical tools allowing an at-a-glance analysis of nutrition and hydration states as well as therapy follow-up. While the determination of body compartments depends on entered co-predictors such as weight, age, and gender, Biavector and Biagram represent results based on reading of bio-electrical data only. This clinically validated and meanwhile widely practiced method facilitates body analysis also under difficult conditions, e.g. in obesity, nephrology, oncology, and cardiology.

Body Composition Analysis with Bodygram PLUS

With BIA 101 BIVA and Bodygram PLUS, weight changes can be interpreted easily, and modifications of fluid, cell or fat compartments are reliably indicated. BIA 101 BIVA is particularly suited to follow hydration states in hemodialysis, to analyze emergency and ICU conditions, as well as optimize nutritional or physical activity programs.

Operating BIA 101 BIVA is simple: Special skin electrodes are placed on the hand and foot of one body side, connected to the instrument by electrode cables. Resistance, reactance, and phase angle are immediately displayed on the device and transferred via Bluetooth into the BodyGram PLUS software on your PC.

Specifications BIA 101 BIVA

Whole Body Bioimpedance Vector Analyzer

  • Display: Energy efficient 5.7” color display
  • Parameter indicators: Resistance, Reactance, Phase Angle
  • Battery status indicator
  • Resistance (Rz): 0-1000 ohms; resolution: 0.1 ohms
  • Reactance (Xc): 0-200 ohms; resolution: 0.1 ohms
  • Testing accuracy: ±0.05 ohms
  • Testing current: DC 0, sinusiodal signal
  • Signal frequency: 50 kHz – 1%
  • Signal amplitude: 0.25 mA RMS – 1%
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 7.4 volts / 2600 mAh – max.16 hours of uninterrupted operation
  • Max. charge duration: 6 hours
  • Charger: 100-240 VAC Output DC 12 V 2.5 A stabilized current
  • Dimensions: approx. 15×20.5×4 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 0.6 kg

Medial device, CE 0051, class IIa according to directive 93/42/CEE, EN60601-1-2, EN46000, EN55011, ENV50140, IEC 1000-4-3; Class 2 BF type unit, with internal power supply.

Scope of Delivery

  • BIA 101 BIVA instrument
  • Electrode cable set with spare clips
  • Charger
  • Test circuit
  • Set of 100 BIA electrodes
  • Bodygram PLUS software with license for up to three work stations

BIA 101 BIVA is a product of Akern bioresearch srl, Pontassieve, Florence, Italy. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
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